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Student Housing Office About the Student Housing Office – our service to students The Student Housing Office aims to provide a one-stop shop for students’ private sector housing needs, providing you with the tools to make informed decisions. For most students, living in private rented accommodation is an enjoyable and fun part of University life. However, if problems with housemates, landlords or properties arise, then the Student Housing Office team have a widespread range of knowledge and experience of housing issues, plus access to outside agencies and resources. This means that we can give you the knowledge and skills to tackle any housing issues you may have during your tenancy. Should you require legal advice on any issue, we can refer you to the appropriate service. We are open daily Monday to Friday between 9am and 4.30pm Properties registered with us When a property is registered with the Student Housing Office, what does this mean?

  • Landlords have to agree to our compulsory Conditions of Registration in order to advertise with us. You can view these and details of the other information we require in Landlord Login/Register. If a landlord fails to comply with these Conditions, we will consider removing them from our lists.
  • Where required, we make sure that every property registered with us either has a HMO licence from the local Council (which involves an inspection), or the landlord has at least made an application for this. If a property doesn’t require a HMO Licence, we make sure that the Council are aware of the property, so they can inspect in due course. We work closely with the local Councils to help improve property standards for students.
  • Landlords must also comply with the new Rent Smart Wales law, which requires all landlords to register and agents / self-managing landlords to obtain a licence. You can check details relating to your rented property on the public register.
  • Make sure you ask to see the landlord's gas safety certificate for all gas appliances. It is your responsibility as the tenant to check this before you move into the property. For further information, and to check whether an engineer is registered and qualified, visit Gas Safe Register ( ). You can also find information on the HSE ( ) website.
  • Energy Performance Certificates. “Individual rooms within HMOs are not required to have their own EPC, so a property which is an HMO will only have an EPC if one is required for the property as a whole (typically this will be if the property has been built, sold or rented as a single unit at any time in the past 10 years). If an HMO is legally required to have an EPC, and if it is let on one of the qualifying tenancy types, then it will be required to comply with the minimum level of energy efficiency.” This means it would need to have at least an E rating of Energy Efficiency. See the Useful Links section for further details. If you have any concerns about your rented property, i.e. your landlord has not provided an EPC when you think they should have, or if the rating is below the minimum level, then please contact us.
  • We keep up-to-date with new housing legislation, and encourage our landlords to do the same.

Important We strongly advise you not to make any payments or sign any tenancy agreements until you have viewed the property and made sure that it’s suitable for your needs. If you are not able to visit Bangor beforehand, we would suggest that you stay in temporary accommodation on arrival until you find suitable accommodation – the Student Housing Office can provide lists of these on request. Please read our Student Guide to Private Accommodation and other guides/checklists which can be found in Useful Links. You are also welcome to contact the Student Housing Office for further guidance. The Student Housing Office cannot vouch for the condition of the properties on our books, or give a guarantee that the details supplied to us by the owners are entirely correct, as we do not personally inspect the premises. But if you have concerns, please call in and tell us about your difficulties. With your permission, we will use this information in discussions with the owners, and give you appropriate information and advice.

Get ready to rent Your house hunting guide We know how it is – your mates have found a house, everyone’s telling you that if you don’t sign now you’ll lose it and have nowhere to live, so you think “Should I sign? What’s the worst that could happen...” Well here are a few things to consider before you put pen to paper: We’re going to shout this, so there’s no escaping it: THERE’S MORE ACCOMMODATION IN BANGOR THAN STUDENTS! This means that you have plenty of choice and you don’t need to accept anything that you’re not happy with. Take time to get to know your friends before deciding whether to live with them. Once you sign, there’s no going back. A housing contract is legally binding. Before you sign, bring it in to the Student Housing Office and we can go through it with you, explaining the terms and conditions, so that you can make an informed choice. You can also find some Self-Help on Tenancy Agreements here. Check out our Student Guide to Private Accommodation for the basics on what you need to know when looking for your first house. You can also find checklists on House Hunting, Moving In and Moving Out here. Find out about the Students’ Union Landlord Awards here. The University and the Students’ Union will be running a housing campaign during October-December to give you all the information you need about house hunting. So look out for us! Love where you live! Make the most of your area – how to stay safe, be a good citizen and enjoy it. Students In The Community Guide University Parking Parking, Roads and Travel - Gwynedd Council Waste & Recycling – Gwynedd Council Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant Housing advice and support Links and information about private renting Further help and advice NUS housing advice Citizens Advice Bureau Shelter For more handy web links Visit Useful Links


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